Terms & Conditions

Greyton MTB Trail Rules​

  • Use the Trail at own and absolute risk
  • Only valid permit holders, with bike boards displayed on handlebars are allowed on the trail
  • If you cycle alone, tell a friend or family member where you plan to ride
  • No Litter / No Smoking / No fires / No Shouting / No Loud Music is allowed
  • Stay on the marked route only
  • No quads, motorbikes and / or vehicles are allowed on the route, (excluding those of landowners and their staff)
  • Obey the instructions of cycling marshals on the Trail
  • Ride with a Helmet
  • Be mindful of both wild and domestic animals on or around the trail
  • Be courteous to fellow trail uses 
  • Leave no trace

Liability Disclaimer (please read carefully)

  • I acknowledge that by Mountain Biking on the Greyton MTB Trails involve risks, such as serious injury, illness, death and / or damage to participants, sport and other equipment.
  • I appreciate and understand the risks involved in Mountain Biking and my participation in the sport.
  • I accept these risks and confirm that I use the Greyton MTB Trails at my own and absolute risk. The landowners, funding partners, representatives, agents and / or staff involved in the Trail management and maintenance do not accept any responsibility for any claim whatsoever arising from death, injury or loss and / or damage to person or occasioned by cycling the Greyton MTB Trails.
  • I accordingly hereby indemnify and hold harmless the parties to the fullest extent possible in law against any claims occasioned as a result of my participation on the Greyton MTB Trails.
  • I confirm that I understand the meaning and importance of such disclaimer, the waiver of claims and indemnity and, that by agreeing hereto, I am waiving substantial legal rights (on my own behalf and on behalf of my dependants). I acknowledge that I have been free to secure independent legal and /
    or other advice as to the nature and effect of all provisions of this liability disclaimer, waiver and indemnity and that I have either taken such independent legal action and / or other advice, or dispensed with the necessity of doing so.